Happy Clients


“Brittany is amazing! I have had two one-hour sessions with her so far and the progress I have made is incredible to me. Each session was very different as the first one focused on a personal relationship and the other was on career choices and direction. She helps me to find clarity through the mud. Often when I am processing issues in my life, it’s like a blur of confusion. Somehow she is able to filter out the gunk and help me to focus on the key issues and meet a reachable goal. Thank you Brittany!”

~R. Smith

“Brittany talks with you in a way that makes you feel validated and helps you see where you could show up more for yourself in the most loving, gentle way. In just a few sessions with her, I was able to acknowledge thought patterns that, through conscious thought, I was able to get control over rather than them controlling me. I am forever grateful to have such an amazing person to come to for help when I am feeling stuck.”

~ Melissa F.

“Brittany is amazing at reading between the lines and asking the right questions to bring out my desired results. 
At the end of sessions, I'm often surprised at the movement stirring in my soul that makes me feel more connected to who I really am and to the person I want to become. 
When Brittany and I work together, the focus is on love, desire, truth and what makes me feel most alive.”

~Sam G.

“I was at a crossroads in my career and so stuck! Nothing my friends and family were offering helped. What I needed was a real coach, someone trained to help me navigate which turn to take. Brittany helped me do that. In her focused, gentle way. I'm so grateful for the coaching - my career is on the move and I'm in a really great place!”

~Tammy S.