Coaching Subscription

What Can We Create Together?

Some of the most profound change I’ve witnessed with clients has been through an on-going coaching relationship. We work together to peel back the layers of what keeps you from creating the life you truly desire. 

This is more than just a specific challenge, this is making sense of all facets of your life. We pull all the pieces together, lay them out, and explore them. Then, piece-by-piece, we make sense of your desires from a holistic, whole-person approach.

Through consistent and on-going coaching, you are likely to experience some or all of the following:

  • Naming and claiming the value systems that you bring to your life and honoring of your unique intuition, life experience, and wisdom

  • A greater understanding of what is keeping you stuck and why the obstacles in your life exist in the first place

  • Higher confidence in how to approach the areas in your life that you are currently struggling with

  • Increased ability to communicate your needs personally, professionally, and in relationships

  • An accountability partner for the goal(s) you have outlined

  • On-going practice with incorporating emotional, behavioral, intellectual, and spiritual shifts that will create the change you want

Monthly Subscription Options:

Weekly Coaching: This package is fantastic when you’re just starting out with coaching or enjoy on-going, weekly support.

  • 4 total 75-90 minutes sessions per billing cycle (monthly)

  • Your Investment: $600

Bi-Weekly Coaching: This package is perfect for coaching with a busy schedule or after we’ve done the more intensive week-to-week work and are on a solid foundation. Many clients prefer to start at weekly sessions and then transition to twice per month when appropriate.

  • 2 total 75-90 minute sessions per billing cycle (monthly)

  • Your Investment: $300

Power Session

Gain Clarity. Find Focus. Make a Powerful Choice.

You’ve got something to handle and you want to get down to the details as quickly as possible. That’s the kind of energy I like to see from my clients in power sessions. Get clear on your intention, get in, get the work done, and get on with life. 

With just 2 hours of your time, we could accomplish:

  • Detailed exploration of one area of your life that you are seeking to shift

  • Decreased mental and emotional challenges

  • Increased confidence in direction you are choosing

  • Clear vision of next steps to take

I highly encourage focusing on 1 topic/challenge/question for this kind of session. It’s more of a core-issue approach than holistic, multi-faceted work that tends to unfold in on-going coaching.

We meet via phone or in person if you happen to live in the Twin Cities area. 

I’ve seen incredible shifts take place with just one session. Let’s make magic happen, shall we?

Your Investment: $325

Terms and Conditions:

Monthly memberships are non-refundable and sessions must be used within the billing month. All monthly memberships will be billed by the 5th of every month. Please give notice of your wish to cancel at least one week prior to the month you plan to discontinue coaching services.

Cancelation Policy:

  • Cancelations with less than 24 hour notice before session - client forfeits session

  • Cancelations with at least 48 hour notice - session can be shifted within the month as schedules permit.