About Brittany


+ Personal experience with military life. I grew up in the Air Force, was a military spouse during Operation Iraqi Freedom and have worked for and contracted with the Dept. of Defense. I have lived, worked with, and on multiple levels, personally understand the unique challenges military personnel and their families face 

+ 4 Years in Emergency Communications – familiarity with Fire/EMS and Police life

+ Over 8 years of personal and professional coaching expertise– group + private settings

+ 12 Years in Social Work – Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault Victim Advocacy

+ Over a decade in public speaking and facilitation of large and small groups

+ A passion for seeing people learn to live life pulled by a vision, rather than pushed by their current circumstances

+ A deeply ingrained desire to help the helpers. Anyone in the arts, teachers, social workers, healers, emergency services, vets and the like are my people -through and through. I understand the unique challenges of the work you do and I strive to offer you the very best in support and designing a life that works better for you

+ A deeper level of listening that is not often experienced in our typical interactions with others

+ A genuine love for what I do for a living and profound gratitude for the opportunity to work with you