Work With Me


What is Transformational Coaching?

Your sacred truth + My visionary wisdom = Your transformation.


How do I know if Coaching is Right for Me?

You know you don’t have any more time to waste on feeling inadequate, insignificant and powerless.

You are looking for change. You are ready and willing to be transformed. You have a dream and want support in sharpening your vision.

If you’ve found yourself on my page, you’re in the right place.


Why Work with Brittany?

I know that every moment presents opportunity for change. I believe in alignment, empowerment, healing, and intuition.

I believe that the biggest transformation you can gift yourself, is shifting your default thinking from “these are my circumstances”, to “THIS is my VISION.”


What’s it Gonna Cost Me?

I have individual session prices starting at *$100/session and packages that bring your investment to as low as $75/session.

There is also a Monthly Membership you can take advantage of to invest in your on-going self-care.

For more info on pricing: CLICK HERE!

*If for some reason this number has you considering backing away from the page slowly… book a consult anyways. Let’s talk. I think anyone who is in the market for a coach should have a coach so there is usually room for me to work with your budget.



What is a Consult?

I know, we just met. It’s cool. Let’s not move too quick.

Hiring a transformational coach is no small choice and you only want to work with the best.

I hear ya.

Let’s consider this our first coffee date, and it’s my treat.

A consult is a 20 minute session where I’ll answer any questions you have, get a feel for what it is you want to work on and talk about how I could be of service to you as your coach.


More Questions?

No worries! Email me at if you’ve got anything else you would like to know.