Coaching & Sessions

What is Coaching?

Coaching is the process of finding areas of your life that have become smaller than you would like, and helping you discover ways in which you can grow those areas. Where has your life gotten smaller? Where would you like to expand? Often times, clients will come to me feeling as if they need a complete life overhaul, but when we roll our sleeves up and get to digging, we find that there are a few key changes they can make in a few specific areas of their life which sets off this domino effect of positive change. Coaching is a process of conversation, reflection and action that leads to feeling more aligned with your own personal mission, goals and passion in this life.

Who Would Benefit From Coaching?

Ideal clients show up to a session feeling one or any combination of the following:

~ stuck

~ bored

~ overwhelmed

~ underwhelmed

~ love work too much, despise their job situation or are looking for work

~ struggling with focus or feeling engaged

~ lost

~ having too many options or not enough options

~ struggling with boundaries or communication with others

~ feeling like they’re missing out or wishing they had more space to breathe

~ needing clarity

~ looking for honest, accountable and objective perspective

An ideal client is someone who feels a level of discomfort or discontent with something in their life and they are ready to show up, fully present and engaged, to do whatever it takes to change that. A dream client is someone who has faith that their life can be even better than it is today and is willing to put in work, reflection, consistency and all around awesomeness toward making that happen in their own unique way. A rock star client is totally over being pushed around by circumstance and wants to feel pulled by a vision of their dream life instead.

Sound like you and ready to rock? Excellent.

Why Work with Brittany?

Good question. Coaching has  become a popular and effective way of creating change and growth for people and there are so many amazing coaches to choose from. I don’t come from a place of competition and most coaches don’t either because we all know that there is plenty of work and love and creativity to be shared in our world. I want you to know that I feel most engaged when I am on the phone, on the screen or face-to-face with a client who needs someone to listen deeply to their challenges and their desire to see and do things differently. I feel most energized when I see people take little steps (and sometimes giant leaps!) to creating a bigger life experience for themselves. I feel most meaningful in this world when I know that I’ve been witness to someone finding more ownership over their journey. I feel more sure of my path by seeing people rediscover, name and own their path through the coaching process.

So, bonus for you – I offer a consultation session with me before you ever commit to hiring me.

How Much Does Coaching Cost?

I have individual session prices starting at *$100/session and packages that bring your investment to as low as $75/session. There is also a Monthly Membership you can take advantage of to invest in your on-going self-care.

For more info on pricing: CLICK HERE!

Please book a consult below, where I can get an understanding of what you would like to accomplish through hiring a coach. From there, we’ll book your first coaching session!

*If for some reason this number has you considering backing away from the page slowly… book a consult anyways. Let’s talk. I think anyone who is in the market for a coach should have a coach so there is usually room for me to work with your budget.

How Else Can I Access Coaching?

You are always more than welcome to get a taste of coaching through one of my group coaching classes. Group coaching is amazingly fun! It’s one of my favorite ways to work with people. It’s a nice way to jump into a group of like-minded people, create some powerful shifts in your mindset, and head back out into your life with a new community of game-changers on your side. The best thing about group coaching is that you can access coaching and community, usually for less than a private coaching session. Click HERE for info on current classes!

What is a Consult?

I am an incredibly scrupulous consumer. I don’t purchase anything without scouring over reviews, price-comparing and so forth so I totally understand not being sure about hiring a coach without getting a feel for who they are and how coaching will benefit you. A consult is a 20 minute session where I’ll answer any questions you have, get a feel for what it is you want to work on and talk about how I could be of service to you as your coach. No cost to you and only a 20 minute commitment. Easy, right?

More Questions?

No worries! Email me at if you’ve got anything else you would like to know.