Sept Book Club Recap

I just wrapped up a 4 week book club and it was FANTASTIC!

I know you’re busy and sometimes a bullet-point list is helpful, so, here’s a peek at what we covered…


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We read Danielle LaPorte’s, White Hot Truth and here are some of the themes that came up.

  • In anything that you have committed to, when you ask yourself, “But do I feel free?” – what comes up for you?

  • How would your life look if you didn’t crave being different than who you are at this very moment?

  • Sometimes we fall for lies to get to our truth.

  • When you become more selective, you get to be much more intentional with what you are creating in your life. Discernment is not the same as judgment.

  • Your ego is actually your friend. When you befriend your ego, you take on a much more holistic process of loving and understanding yourself.

  • What could you say “yes” to, if you learned how to get really comfortable with “no?”

  • Pain happens. It’s a natural response to an event that has hurt you. Suffering, though, is optional.

  • We never have to be thankful for a painful event. We should, however, be thankful for what it taught us.

  • Getting what you want and being who you want in this world always happens within a paradox. Want it with every fiber of your being, and then let go of your death grip on getting that exact outcome. Have high expectations but then trust the natural order of things as well. Give it your all and be completely unattached.

  • Your highest form of service in this world is your Joy. (Capitalized on purpose. Yeah, it’s that important.)

Sound like something you need in your life? Totally get it. I did too.

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I hope to see you in my upcoming Course: The Fire Starter Sessions. 

Big Love,

~ b

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