Welcome! You're right where you need to be if...

  • You want to shift from problem-focused thinking to possibility-focused thinking.
  • You desire to use your unique and personal power in a more meaningful way.
  • You need something different than the status-quo.
  • Negativity bores or agitates you.
  • You know that we create our life, or it happens to you, and the choice is yours.
  • You want more clarity, excitement, calm, joy, confidence in your life.
  • The idea of having someone listening for your truths and reflecting them back to you sounds refreshing.
  • You desire deep, focused, and meaningful conversation that propels you to make powerful choices in your life.
  • Judgement? You’re so over it. Possibility? Now you’re speaking my language.
  • More. You’re not afraid of more. In fact, you crave it. More joy, more love, more fun, more money, more pleasure…

Hi, I'm Brittany.

I am a visionary and a hopeless optimist. I am a certified Personal and Professional Life Coach which means that I know, without question, that nothing is wrong with you and everything right about you just needs your attention. 

My super powers include intuition, gentle calling-out, holding up a mirror to your profound awesomeness, redirection of perspective and lots and lots of love.

 I work with people who know that un-awake, un-aware, disconnected and the like are harmful on an individual level, but also on our collective karma. My clients know that who we are and what we contribute impacts many generations to come. 

The beautiful souls I serve have big things to do in this lifetime and they are ready to get out of their own way.

We both want to infuse more purpose into the world. Let’s work together to do just that.

What Happy Clients Have to Say...

“Brittany talks with you in a way that makes you feel validated and helps you see where you could show up more for yourself in the most loving, gentle way. In just a few sessions with her, I was able to acknowledge thought patterns that, through conscious thought, I was able to get control over rather than them controlling me. I am forever grateful to have such an amazing person to come to for help when I am feeling stuck.”
Melissa F
Melissa F.
Super Mama & Student
“Brittany is amazing! I have had two one-hour sessions with her so far and the progress I have made is incredible to me. Each session was very different as the first one focused on a personal relationship and the other was on career choices and direction. She helps me to find clarity through the mud. Often when I am processing issues in my life, it’s like a blur of confusion. Somehow she is able to filter out the gunk and help me to focus on the key issues and meet a reachable goal. Thank you Brittany!”
R. Smith
Executive Assistant

About Brittany Luddington

+ Personal experience with military life. I grew up in the Air Force, was a military spouse during Operation Iraqi Freedom and have worked for and contracted with the Dept. of Defense. I have lived, worked with, and on multiple levels, personally understand the unique challenges military personnel and their families face 

+ 4 Years in Emergency Communications – familiarity with Fire/EMS and Police life

+ Over 7 years of personal and professional coaching expertise – group + private settings

+ 12 Years in Social Work – Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault Advocacy

+ Over a decade in public speaking and facilitation of large and small groups

+ A passion for seeing people learn to live life pulled by a vision, rather than pushed by their current circumstances

+ A deeply ingrained desire to help the helpers. Anyone in the arts, teachers, social workers, healers, emergency services, vets and the like are my people -through and through. I understand the unique challenges of the work you do and I strive to offer you the very best in support and designing a life that works better for you

+ A deeper level of listening that is not often experienced in our typical interactions with others

+ A genuine love for what I do for a living and profound gratitude for the opportunity to work with you


Power Session



One session to gain clarity, find focus, or make a powerful choice.


1 session

75 minutes / $100


1:1 Coaching


On-going, deeper coaching work. 


Packages available:

4 Sessions / $360 

6 Sessions / $450




Relationship coaching. 

1 session

90 minutes/ $150




1 coaching session/month and on-going self-guided study.