Meet Brittany

My career has been centered around helping people. Through a few years in emergency dispatching for Fire/EMS/Law Enforcement and over a decade in social work, I have found deep roots in my passion for being present when people need something to survive, live and thrive. The thriving is my favorite part and that’s where my love of coaching has blossomed.

As a military brat and with a recent move to the Twin Cities area, I am no stranger to getting comfortable with change. It’s been a running theme in my life which I am so profoundly grateful for. Life gets easier and more fun the more we embrace and find our ability to play within change! I enjoy bringing my experience with shifting toward the unknown into my coaching sessions. I find that change is often a major hang up for people and I know it doesn’t have to be!

I 100% believe that our lives take a turn for the better when we start to reframe our thinking and find ways to be pulled by a vision, rather than pushed by circumstances. To understand more about Life Coaching and what it means to work with me, head over to my Q&A page.

Of course, life isn’t all serious and I have multiple facets to my world. I’m a Toddler Wrangling Champion*, wife of the year** (2 years running!), yoga and meditation dabbler, self-help and spirituality book junkie and a fan of yoga clothes for almost all occasions. I am so thrilled to be living in a new area, with such a wonderful network of people in the various states I’ve lived in throughout my life and I’m thrilled about the possibility of getting to know and work with you!

Well, what do you say? Let’s rock this big, fabulous life!

~ b


*award doesn’t actually exist… but it should.

** according to my partner of 13 years.