You Are Creating Your Reality ~ Choose Your Vibes Wisely

Have you ever heard the idea that energy flows where intention goes? In other words, what you think about and what you believe to be true is actually creating your life around you. The vibes that you’re putting out are the vibes that you’ll get back. It’s a lot to chew on but it’s kind of an interesting concept to spend some time with.

Picture the last time you had a crap day. Did it start first thing in the morning? Kids refused to get dressed or the coffee spilled all over your car on your drive to work. Then from there people at work were being irritating and they forgot your side salad in your lunch order. Traffic was ridiculous and you were late picking the kids up. It just seemed like one thing after another.

We all have days like this where we can’t wait to get to bed and start all over again tomorrow.

Now, think of the last time you had a spectacular day. Someone ahead of you in line payed for your coffee and everyone you interacted with was having a great day. Someone threw a piece of chocolate in your lunch just for fun. Your last meeting of the day ended early, buying you enough time to go for a run outside before you picked the kids up. It was like everything was divinely timed to rock your world.

Aren’t those days the best? You go to bed feeling on cloud 9.

So, going back to our saying about intention and energy.

Could it be that perhaps the energy on both days, originated by something awesome or crappy, created an attitudinal domino effect that carried you through to bedtime?

How many times have you heard yourself say or think any of the following:

“With my luck… of COURSE this would happen to me!”

“This kind of thing always happens when I’m in a hurry!”

“I swear it feels like everyone around me is conspiring for this to happen!”

Now, read those again. On a crap day, these have heavy and negative connotation. On a great day, you’re proclaiming that everything rocks and you expect MORE great things to come your way simply because you are in a fabulous mood.

“With my luck… OF COURSE the baby would spit up in my hair at daycare drop off!”


“With my luck… OF COURSE I would win two tickets to the game this weekend!”

“An accident up ahead?! This kind of thing always happens when I’m in a hurry – now I’m going to be late!?”


“All green lights AND GPS found a short-cut – this kind of thing always happens to me when I’m in a hurry! Right on!”

You see how this could go either way? So what if we choose which way it goes based on the energy we’re in. What if we’re choosing it with the vibes we’re putting out?

Am I getting a little woo-woo for you? Hang in there – I have some concrete stuff up ahead.

I’ve been playing with this lately and there’s a trick that I’ve been using to check in with where I’m at internally and how that’s impacting my experience. It’s been so helpful to gauge what I’m thinking, help me make choices throughout my day, and change direction if I feel like I’ve been putting too much energy toward negative things around me.

I ask myself – “Is this a High-Vibe or a Low-Vibe _______________?”

You can apply this to food, people, activities, choices, communication, and just about anything that influences your day.

Low-Vibe leaves you feeling lethargic, hopeless, stressed, scared, defensive, frustrated, over-thinking, and worried.

High-Vibe leaves you feeling hopeful, meaningful, ecstatic, light, free, expansive and open to receiving more.

So do a quick inventory with me. Think about the flow of your day today.

Are you hanging with people who leave you feeling fantastic and energized? Are you spending a lot of energy with people who are in constant crisis, disconnect or complaint? High-Vibe or Low-Vibe?

Hungry? You know the foods that leave you feeling ready to roll and the ones that make you feel ready to roll into bed for a nap. High-Vibe or Low-Vibe?

Deciding between two job offers? One makes you feel excited and the other feels like an obligation or it seems like the safe choice. High-Vibe or Low-Vibe?

What are you taking into your sensory realm? The music, the social media, the news, anything on any kind of screen – leaves you feeling terrified and isolated or connected and nourished and safe? High-Vibe or Low-Vibe?

And I know, some of you are thinking – “Yeah, dude, but I need to be in the know with my people and what’s going on in the world.” And I totally understand. As a recovering news junkie and someone who is trying to find balance between screen time and life-in-front-of-me time, I hear you.

What you absorb through screens and social media and speakers either fuels you or drains you. If your goal is to create change in the world – choose your input and output wisely.

I’m not asking you to completely check out of the world around you. I am however saying that we have so many choices to make day-in and day-out and yet we have limited hours in every day. Are you going to go High or Low?

So what to do about all of this? Well m’dear, you know I’ve got a few suggestions.

1. You have to give yourself permission, first and foremost, to receive High-Vibes. Make the decision to allow your life to be guided by vibes and remind yourself constantly that you are the only person who is responsible for your life. Sign the dotted line. Bam! Get in it to win it, friends, because once you decide to live from a High-Vibe foundation – going back suuuucks.

2. Schedule a meeting with your inner-martyr. You know, the one that makes you think that you HAVE to do this work or nobody else will. The one that tells you that if you want something done right, YOU have to do it. The one that tells you that you will never make enough money but at least you are doing important work in the world. The one that excuses your 9 hour work day and then 3 more hours in bed with late-night TV on and a laptop in your lap. The martyr that tells you that you’re lucky to have any friends at all so you better keep the ones you’ve got. The one that tells you that family is family no matter how crummy and abusive they are to each other. Yeah, that martyr. Tell your inner-martyr that they are fired and that from now on you will be making decisions from your heart and your energy level.

3. Start your mornings actively deciding that your day will be a High-Vibe day. Regardless of what happens, you will seek High-Vibe interactions. Then, expose yourself to things that have you buzzing on that High-Vibe action and excuse yourself from things that have you feeling Low-Vibe. Practice this until it becomes a habit and a foundation from which you engage with the world.

4. Take a really close look at your people. You’ve probably identified at least 3 people by now that you know have you spinning on Low-Vibe. They make you think too much about the relationship, or they spend too much time under a dark cloud of angst and judgement. You never know where you stand with them or when you’re with them, you can’t wait to be somewhere else. Find ways to lovingly release the people in your world that are not High-Vibe. Figure this piece out now and it will start to flood into your non-chosen people crowd naturally. That boss that you just can’t figure out? You’ll know what to look for differently when you start interviewing for a new place to work. Family members pulling some weird stuff? No thank you – Low-Vibe is no longer your default. Lovingly release people that put you into Low-Vibe mode, however you need to. Maybe you could introduce them to your inner-martyr and they can all go hangout somewhere else without you while you kick it with your High-Vibe peeps.

5. End of the day – Throw down all the High-Vibe things/people/interactions/choices you experienced into a journal. Or, just mentally reflect on them. I think writing is more powerful – but you do you. Either way, acknowledge the High-Vibe in your world and it will multiply.

6. Wash, rinse and repeat. The more you do this, the more natural it becomes. Everything shifts around you and it will start to feel like someone, somewhere really is looking out for you. Start to understand that you are the creator of your own environment and choose your vibes wisely.

Soon, I will be rolling out the details and registration information for my first Sage Collective session. It’s a 4 week group coaching course where we’ll explore any of the ‘cages’ that keep us small and work toward living the life of a sage. We’ll gather and rally and shake out our perspectives on the work that we do. We’ll hold each other accountable and cheer each other on. We’ll give a swift kick in the arse if we see any Low-Vibe action holding us back from living our biggest and best life possible. So get in practice now because this shift is critical to being the game-changer that I know you want to be.

Go for the High-Vibe and do so relentlessly, my loves.

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All my love,

~ b

About Brittany Luddington

Brittany is a certified life coach and an author of reflections on living life on purpose and using passion and excitement to guide our journey. She is a mother, a wife, a coffee enthusiast as well as a dabbler in yoga, meditation and an avid collector of spirituality/self-help books. It really rocks her world to engage with people who are fully alive and in love with their own life.